I am Dolly Joseph, a teacher, researcher, designer, gardener and jack of all trades in Charlottesville, VA.

My educational philosophy is profoundly influenced by the memory of my own struggles in a standardized classroom. I struggled within the confines of formal education until I reached college. There, I excelled, stimulated by the exchange of ideas and the freedom to pursue my many different interests. I wish to help students achieve these feelings of success, and to help them attain goals which may otherwise escape them. I wish to contribute to learning environments in which the individual interests of the student and the teacher are appreciated and applauded, and the interconnectedness of seemingly disparate disciplines is recognized.

I believe that learning takes place both in and out of the classroom and that healthy, happy humans cannot help but learn constantly. Every action we take, every thought we have and every activity that we engage in shape the people we are and become. I hope to contribute by creating active, positive, humanistic learning experiences however I can, be it in front of a computer, in a garden, or interacting with other people. I have a sustained belief that individuals can and do make a global difference.

Dolly Joseph earned BA, MT and PhD degrees from the University of Virginia. She designs and implements curriculum, currently as the Program Director of Computers4Kids, a mentoring and technology training program serving low-income youth in central Virginia. While with C4K, she has further developed and refined the curriculum and evaluation tools of the mentoring program, and launched a new program continuing service for graduates. Dolly has over a decade of experience in the educational field, working with kindergarteners to adults, and specializing in ESL learners and technology instruction. Dolly earned a Ph.D. from the University of Virginia.


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